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Digital Marketing Specialist

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I’ve always been passionate about people and what makes them unique. I truly believe that it’s our differences that is the glue that helps bring us together. Like pieces of a puzzle we can all be unique, yet fit together to create a picture of the world we want to be. This is what attracted me to Inclusive Creatives. I want to play my part in making inclusiveness an essential piece of building a better future – not just for Tasmania, but the world as a whole.

Having grown up in rural Brazil I moved to South America’s largest city, São Paulo, just before I turned 18. Here I graduated as a marketer and started my intense professional journey. As rapid as my professional growth was, it was nothing compared to the personal growth I experienced when I decided to make a leap of faith and move to the other side of the planet.

In Perth my horizons widened as I met people from all over the world with so many life stories and so much to share. However, I only discovered my true home and ‘little piece of paradise’ when I moved to Tasmania. Here I am constantly inspired by nature, local culture and multitude of people from different backgrounds. It is here I have been able to truly discover who I am and grow by constantly learning new skills, meeting new people and soaking up all Tasmania has to offer.

Curious in essence and always keen on upskilling, I’ve been involved in Digital Marketing for the past 2 years and my biggest ambition is to create user-centered campaigns. It is my experience that the best agencies are those that include everyone, including you the client, in the creative journey. I also believe that simplicity is key, and uncomplicated solutions always work best in achieving your goals, business or otherwise.

A ray of sunshine with passion and knowledge beyond her years, Natalie Procopio is the fearless Business Manager at Inclusive Creatives.

“I believe the best agencies are those that include everyone, and that means you too.”