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I’m a communications strategist specialising in values-driven brands, which is a fancy way of saying I find the insights and pearls of wisdom that help you connect with your audience and get your messages across with real impact. Anyone can be heard, you just yell loud enough. Being understood is another thing altogether, but having your message make a difference and effect change is what the team at Inclusive Creatives and I really want to achieve for you.

My experience as a word artist spans local business, multinational brands and individual entrepreneurs. I worked as National Marketing and Sales Manager for Mona and Moo Brew, and as an online, TV and radio journalist at the ABC. I was a founding board member of Creative Island, helping to represent our creative industries.

Combining my background spanning journalism, public relations and creative strategy, I enjoy providing razor sharp strategic advice with a warm and relatable storytelling focus. Underpinning my qualifications in politics and media is, I like to think, a unique communications style that blends elements of psychology and neuroscience, with academic robustness of process informed by my own crack team of advisors in these spaces.

I’m your strategic secret weapon – use me wisely.

I also enjoy public speaking and mentoring in the entrepreneurial and communications space nationally, having presented to the League of Extraordinary Women, the Design Kids, the Hive, Lions International and for various corporate events.

Having contributed to Inclusive Creatives' communications strategy and framework, I can say with confidence that what we have is a creative offering you won’t find anywhere else. If I could give prospective clients a single piece of advice, it would be get onboard at the ground level – as this creative elevator is going all the way to the top.

Sarah Thompson is smart, driven and a delightfully positive master of the written word.

“I can say with confidence, that what we have is a creative offering you won’t find anywhere else. ”