11 Jun 2020

Failure on the road to success is even more beneficial than immediate success.

Sure, succeeding immediately fills a person with a winner’s sense of short-lived euphoria, but it can also lead to arrogance, bravado and lack of appreciation that playing the long game can bring. Failing along the road to success, however, can produce confidence, knowledge and options.

Would you rather succeed on your first attempt? Or fail during the process, learning sometimes harsh, but valuable lessons and emerge knowing that you have the resilience to face potential adversity and come out the other side better for it?

“The lessons you learn will serve you for a lifetime.”

Success can be inevitable too. But, only when you define in your own terms what success really looks like. Is it a large bank balance? A house, car, relationship, pets, the whole first world show bag? Or can success be defined in more simple terms as just being alive? Being a survivor. Can you be successful if you have nothing but your life? I believe you can. And I say this because my personal definition of success is living to build a legacy.


Success can be inevitable if you realistically define it. Sure, you will always come up against adversity, barriers and problems. But I prefer to tackle these things with the knowledge that I can overcome any obstacle that stands in my way on the road to succeeding. And you can too. We all possess the ability to live, laugh, learn and love. I know that I would prefer to reach the end of my life knowing that I did everything in my power to make a difference and to take every opportunity presented to me.

We are currently living through unprecedented times in terms of financial and societal difficulty. Success for many might not be so easily defined in the terms of reference we were once used to. Rather than view this as a negative, we all have a unique opportunity to redefine what we believe success is. And in doing so, to make a start on leaving a legacy we can be proud of and living our lives to their maximum potential.

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