19 May 2021

They say you're judged by the company you keep. So today we proudly announce four of the best in market strategic partners who reinforce our purpose and offer outstanding skills – across training, research, media planning and production specialties.

The development of our unique agency has been steady in attracting shared values-based clients and exceptional business partners alike. As we trailblaze a new-world and social impact offering, it’s one thing to have purpose, another to succeed in delivering change into the mainstream.

We couldn’t be more humbled or excited to add these established specialist businesses and services to the IC integrated model. They all bring cutting edge knowledge, proven skills and experience to our client relationships. Read about their expertise and why they’ve chosen IC as their only agency aligned partners.

Integral Communications – Specialist media planning and buying agency

As experienced media planners and negotiators, Integral Communications deliver integrated media campaign strategies and implementation across local and national markets.

“In an ever-changing, disrupted and competitive media landscape, Integral Communications understands how to effectively identify target audiences, their channels of choice and what drives their viewing behaviours.”

Glenn Phair has over 40 years advertising and media experience. He has been responsible for the media planning and buying requirements of many iconic Tasmanian companies and organisations, including: Aurora Energy, Nyrstar, Woolworths, Island State Credit Union, Road Safety Taskforce, Shadforth’s Ltd, WorkSafe Tasmania and TAFE as well as the Tasmanian Government.

“Finding the target is essential to effective communication. A truly inclusive media plan must capture sensory disabled citizens, and those with limited accessibility. Otherwise we’re disregarding and disengaging up to 26%* of Tasmania’s population who don’t access or respond to the traditional advertising industry’s ‘mainstream’ visual and audio-based approaches. Aligning Integral Communications with IC’s purpose and skills keeps clients at the forefront of ‘new-world’, holistic and best-practice communication methods.” – Glenn Phair

*Tasmania has Australia’s highest percentage of disability and limited accessibility population (Accessible Island Tasmania Disability Report 2021)


HYPE – Video and media content production

Hype is Tasmania’s most regarded media production and video content creation company. It’s aware of the ever-growing need to produce inclusive content for the Tasmanian audience, and beyond. As part of its pre-production consultation with clients, Hype insists that .srt files are created for every asset. These files allow for those with limited accessibility to be part of the content without prejudice.

“Hype also has a working understanding of the needs of government departments to be compliant with stipulated regulations. This includes services like closed captions, audio descriptors and other innovative means.”

“Working with several NFPs and the IC team, Hype has an up-to-date understanding of a wide range of accessibility issues currently experienced by a large section of the community. We see that an alliance with Inclusive Creatives will progress these accessibility tools, through new and engaging means, further into the mainstream.” – Dave Flower



Creak & Ford – Strategic business research and advice

Over the last century, Creak & Ford has collaborated with organisations, large and small, around the world to help them diagnose and resolve their most significant commercial issues and opportunities.

“Its core focus is helping organisations to plan, organise and consistently make better, evidence-based decisions that deliver sustainable growth, operational efficiencies and transformational change.”

There are four key areas in which C&F delivers to greatest effect:
1) Marketing and Sales: Consumer insights and analytics, planning and effectiveness, pricing
2) Operations: Analytics and performance, transformation, product development, international markets
3) Research: Quantitative and qualitative, usability and user experience (UX), customer experience (CX)
4) Strategy: Customer, corporate and business marketing, turnaround, growth and innovation.

“IC’s commitment to customer orientation, insight and integrated strategic thinking has created a unique opportunity for us to partner in helping clients to unlock their existing data and seek out new data to inform evidence-based decision-making that drives strong commercial outcomes while creating positive social impacts as well.” – David Creak


LeaderLab – Amplifying humanity in leadership

Today we’re seeing the demand for a new kind of leader – one with an arsenal of skills and mindsets to amplify humanity in their leadership. They understand the codes and patterns of human behaviour, they appreciate employees as individuals, they are inclusive, and they’re collaborative. The new leader is agnostic to rank and is relentless in drawing out the potential of everyone on the team.

“They know that creating an environment of psychological safety is the shortcut to authentic relationships and epic results.”

Our partner, LeaderLab, is not only passionate about leadership. They are edgy, interactive, and unapologetically different in the way they create learning experiences. They’ve done the work on the ground, and have a collection of accreditations, tools and frameworks to deliver humanistic, transformational leadership programs that empower leaders to create a more personalised and human experience for everyone.

“We’re about making people matter, which aligns perfectly with IC’s purpose and work. Sunny and Sam recently completed our Leader as Coach program, which strengthens coaching conversations and feedback in a way that doesn’t break relationships. Whatever your industry, those who use these powerful principles bring out the best in themselves and their teams, and in turn foster a more inclusive environment. We’re thrilled to partner with IC to promote awareness as broadly and deeply as possible.” – Linda Manaena


Pictured above L/R: Linda Manaena (LeaderLab), Phillip ‘Sunny’ Drury (Inclusive Creatives), David Creak (Creak and Ford), Rob Harrison (HYPE), Sam Dobie (Inclusive Creatives), Glenn Phair (Integral Communications).

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