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My roots in the creative industries started in Brazil when I graduated as a graphic designer in 2011. I kicked off my career as a Web Designer, then becoming Account Executive for one of the largest telecommunication groups in Brazil and Spain. I then joined Saatchi & Saatchi Brazil as a dedicated Digital Producer Coordinator for Honda. Working for such a recognised agency and clients broadened my perspective; however, there was a breakpoint when I realised that something was missing.

After six years in such a competitive and intense industry, I felt like I was only targeting corporate goals and not truly connecting to people or making a difference in the way I wanted to. In 2016, I made the bold decision to give up my high-flying career to move to another country and start again.

Thirsting for change, I wanted to restart life in a non-Portuguese speaking country. Starting afresh, I learned how to communicate all over again, making friends from all over the world and appreciating those things that make us different. Being separated from my loved ones was hard, but by jumping feet first into life I learned how to love people and, most importantly, how to truly love myself.

Once I found my feet in Australia, I began to reconnect to my creative self. Since 2017, I have been providing a wide range of creative solutions for Brazilians running businesses abroad. Now I am successfully rebuilding my personal and professional life in the way I always wanted. I now call Tasmania home and I feel welcomed and inspired by the creative community.

Being inclusive is all about opening the door for the unusual and unexpected – exercising acceptance of things you don’t yet know. Through Inclusive Creatives, I seek to learn as much as I can and share the best of my unique creative perspective because I believe there are no borders to inclusion.

With a smile from ear to ear, matched only by his exceptional talent, Marcelo Silva is the lead Visual Designer within the collective.

“Translating ideas and feeling into design is my passion.”