BOFA Film Festival

An icon in Tasmania, BOFA – Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival – showcases moving and inspiring films designed to make you feel. From the profound to the quirky, the vision is to create experiences that empower individuals. When Festival Director, Owen Tilbury, approached us in 2021 to do a last-minute creative platform for BOFA, we answered the SOS.

Fast forward to 2022, Owen realised that the brand desperately needed to evolve. The festival landscape had grown exponentially in Tasmania and BOFA was competing in a crowded space. BOFA needed to stand out and hold their own. It was time to breathe some fresh air into the brand.

We wanted to create a platform that had a strong visual identity but more than that – we wanted to make it a concept that you can feel. We wanted to develop a distinguished platform that would be recognised for years. A brand that stood out in the international film festival space. So, we created the BOFA Effect.

The BOFA Effect is a celebration of positive change, diversity, creativity, storytelling, art, food and wine and community. It’s about how experiencing a movie can have a ripple effect that stretches far beyond the festival.

Working with these empowering concepts, we visualised the graphic. Many competing worldwide film festivals use simple black and white graphics, but we wanted the brand to be bold, colourful, sophisticated and unique.

We created our own font. We chose colours that reflected the place – Launceston – and we designed a graphic using the arch shape to imitate the butterfly or ripple effect to reflect the resounding impact of the films.

This powerful graphic device was used to elevate the brand. We did an overhaul of the website. We used it in press ads, posters, billboards, cards, brochures and bags. We created an animated effect for social media. It became instantly recognisable as the BOFA Effect.

The outcome is a unique contemporary brand that reflects the diversity and character of the festival. And BOFA’s bold visual identity instantly catches the eye and sparks intrigue in a crowded festival space.

“Inclusive Creatives is a full-service agency with a heart. We love working with them because they believe in branding and advertising as a force for social good and positive change. Their full-service approach was put to the test at the 2021 Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival, which included a six-week online festival and two three day in-cinema festivals in Launceston and Hobart. At very short notice and with a tight budget, they were called on to develop a creative platform and deliver it successfully through a 36-page full colour printed brochure, a 30 second TVC, newspaper/magazine advertisements, social media, redesigned banners/flags/signs, newsletter design and public relations. Full service in their terms also included almost 24/7 availability and rapid response, always with a bouncy can-do attitude. Inclusive AND Creative they certainly are!”

Owen Tilbury, Festival Director

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