What makes this project particularly special is the human and commercial stories that interwind to realise the project’s delivery. This is the tale of how a social movement, innovative thinking and a branding solution collided to achieve a positive outcome for all.

This project is a working example of coming together to find a way to support and empower a cause. At the same time we created the opportunity for Critical Mass to access high-quality creative work without traditional forms of payment. This was only possible due to the out of the box client thinking that rightly identified Inclusive Creatives as a partner of value.

Critical Mass Hobart is a NFP social-impact group who needed to increase their visibility and engagement. Their purpose is to ‘cycle for change’. They promote the importance of the human and natural elements at play when planning and developing our cities, towns and streets.

When the rubber hits the road, it is the mass of riders that champion the need for gov-ernment to recognise how critical a balanced, integrated approach is to inform the laws, standards, design and construction of our built environments.

Critical Mass uses their collective passion and presence as a united group to educate through peaceful protest. This is achieved while enjoying the kinship of their combined pedal power in action. The movement has expanded to an international network from its humble beginnings in San Francisco in 1992.

Jayden Broad, Critical Mass Hobart’s coordinator, is a neuro-diverse person, a qualified town planner and an impressive human to boot. The opportunity for IC to revitalise Critical Mass Hobart’s brand and work with Jayden was too good to pass up, Working with Jayden the decision was made to deliver the working produce the brand identity under IP licence. This decision was made as the opportunity for networking outcomes Critical Mass could supply was of meaningful value far beyond any price point.

Creative business should be as innovative as the work itself. Inclusive Creatives allows charities and NFP’s with little or no budget to access and benefit from professional-level expertise through unique inclusive commercial arrangements.

Critical Mass Hobart now has the brand identity and positioning language to take their cause to the community they wanted. And Inclusive Creative has new friends and contacts willing to share our vision. A ‘win-win’ outcome that’s truly inclusive.

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