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Tasmanian Boat Charters is a business that delivers a unique Tasmanian wilderness adventure with all the creature comforts one would expect on a high-end tour. Its expeditions are a smorgasbord of yin and yang. From the east to the west coasts of Tasmania, rugged exploring to high-end accommodation and deep harbours to exposed mountains to name just a few. These elements, paired with expert guides, chefs and hospitality give people the opportunity to explore a Tasmania they never knew existed. 

For years Tasmanian Boat Charters had managed to survive amongst an ever-growing cohort of sophisticated tourism operators, but the time had come for them to embrace their nature, challenge their competition and reinvent their look and feel into a contemporary brand that matched their exceptional product. 

With a dizzying array of Tasmanian scenery, attractions and gourmet delights, it was unsurprising that a new brand could risk creating sensory overload. We knew a sophisticated and considered approach needed to be undertaken. 

In creating the brand we didn’t want to lean into any tourism or Tasmanian cliches, we wanted to find clear air and set the standard for what a tourism brand could be.

New Horizons

We worked with the entire team, from the owners to the chef and even the seaplane pilot, to capture the essence of the brand the showcase it with a new name. Tasmanian Boat Charters was no more and On Board – Tasmanian Expedition Cruises was born.

Focussing on the wild and windswept colours of the spectacular tour locations, Port Davey and the East Coast, we were able to build flexibility. We created a texture palette and language approach that added depth and personality across all the brand collateral, highlighting what customers curious about what a cruise to some of Tasmania’s remotest destinations might entail. 

The new brand also celebrates the hidden underwater landscape of Tasmania, showcasing the beautiful patterns of Sea Whips and Sea Pens – delicate creatures normally only found in the depths of the ocean and hold a special place in our client’s hearts. It was only fitting to include these unique natural forms as part of the overall brand identity package.

With their new vessel now launched, On Board has finally realised its dream to become a sophisticated offering, that not only brings the business up to the level of its competitors locally but stands head and shoulders above the national market as well.

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