Sanctum Medical Aesthetics

Sanctum Medical Aesthetics is an institution in the local Tasmanian beauty scene. Having positioned themselves as a leader in their field, with state-of-the-art technology and a reputation for unmatched results, it’s no wonder they also possessed an air of ‘exclusivity’ amongst the general community.

This rarefied air, combined with a lack of diversity of age, race and gender in their marketing, a salon that failed to leverage the opportunity of its large street frontage and a suite of brand tools that were inconsistent from years of being updated by numerous designers, meant that the brand was in desperate need of a facelift and integrated marketing direction.

The Challenge

We were tasked with creating a suite of marketing tools and a flagship salon concept and customer experience that captured the essence and sophistication of Sanctum, while at the same time not alienating the broader community.

Our Approach

Retaining the existing logo and leveraging the unmistakable style of the directors, we took our cues from the assortment of textures and colours found throughout the space. From the glossy serums and thick creams to the diverse textures and colours of skin and hair, we created a refined palette and cohesive design language that celebrated the diversity we were already surrounded by but needed to promote.

The Result

The resulting work was an elegant suite of printed collateral and the concept for the clinic was a bold yet soft space that invited you in and enveloped you in a sense of calm. We reinvented their floor-to-ceiling store windows to become a functioning retail space designed to showcase diversity and promote seasonal offerings, and we also developed a strategic and holistic marketing plan that reflected the goal of creating greater community awareness, diversity and attainable beauty.


“We were thrilled to work with Inclusive Creatives on branding for our growing company. They were able to review and distil the essence of our brand to create a contemporary look that accurately reflected our unique style while consolidating our branding for use across multiple platforms. They took time to get to know our company image and were able to deliver a high-end product to us that we are rolling out across our clinics and online.”

– Dr Clair McCartney

The Project Scope 

  • Re-brand, creative toolkit and style guide
  • Stationary suite, treatment menus & gift vouchers
  • POS promotion concepts
  • In-store experience concept
  • Visual merchandising concepts
  • 12-month retail promotion calendar.
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