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Having spent the last 13 years in Tasmania working on some of the island’s most exciting brands, I still pinch myself when I think about it. We live in this wild, untamed, explosive little state that punches so far above its weight. Tasmania and the people who live here have trusted me and my colleagues over the years to help bring their stories to the rest of the world.

During that time, I’ve helped launch a bank that people actually liked, created a safe space for cyclists on our roads and even thrown a street party for 2000 people in the middle of nowhere to celebrate milk. I’ve collaborated on making bespoke local whisky global, shone a light on fishing in the dark and put people 60 metres above Tasmania’s wilderness without ever leaving the room. I’ve even helped make aged care work sexy, car salesmen into philanthropists, and aided our government in uncovering those stories that make Tasmania truly unique, and then given these stories back to the Tasmanian people to own and be proud of.

Ours is a world where we are given a seat at so many different tables. We are privileged to be given these insights into the lives of others in places often far removed from our own. It’s vital we respect this. I’m passionate about using creativity and collaboration to do my job and to make sure that what we bring to their table is the absolute best it can be – our clients deserve nothing less.

As an imagination enabler, this is what underpins my philosophy on creative agencies and what has led me to seek out some of the best and brightest minds right here in Tasmania. Through my opportunities as an art director, designer, director, awards chair, lecturer and mentor, I have met extraordinary people and done extraordinary things. I consider myself fortunate to find myself now as a Creative Director at Inclusive Creatives, and I look forward to seeing who will pull up a chair and take a seat at our table.

Sam Dobie the Creative Director is an open book, welcoming, positive and comfortable in the knowledge that together you can do great things.

"Creative collaboration can grow your business, effect positive change and transform lives."