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My fascination with electronics and technology began with a Dick Smith's 'Fun Way' kit when I was nine. By the time I was 12 I’d built my own PC, just in time to join the online revolution that was starting to take off in a big way. This led to me building websites as a side hustle to help pay the bills while I finished my degree.

This affinity for all things technical in both the physical and online worlds allowed me to apply these skills across a broad range of technical disciplines, culminating in a degree in Computer Systems Engineering and the ability to perform high level:

  • Network installation and systems administration
  • Design, testing, consultation, and marketing material development for lightning and surge protection products
  • Large-scale and off-grid solar design, project management, and commissioning

Today I run my own hosting environment and development platform for feature-rich web experiences. I like to think of myself as a tech wrangler and creative problem-solver, with the ability to take disparate technologies and integrate them to provide wonderfully clean, simple, and accessible solutions for clients. As such, I’ve always been the go-to guy for any technical project or problem my family, friends and colleagues can’t crack for themselves. In my free time, I enjoy a spot of DIY, collecting and watching acclaimed TV shows and a cold delectable beer every now and then.

I’m excited to see what technical challenges Inclusive Creatives throw my way. I have a strong desire to apply my technical abilities and user experience wizardry to helping those challenged by the day-to-day world most of us take for granted. I’m also keen to sink my teeth into problem-solving for our clients and helping you grow your businesses by providing smart, tailor-made technical solutions.

Tristan King the Wizard and Technical Director with his open necked shirt in the manliest of mauves, is as cool, calm and collected as they get.

“I like to think of myself as a part-time tech wrangler and full-time creative problem-solver.”