What are creative consultants and is a creative strategy really worth it?

A creative consultant is often brought in to provide guidance and advice on how a business can best represent itself creatively. They can help you balance the commercial viability of a project against the goals of the creative elements of a project. This could include anything from branding, advertising, content creation, website accessibility and design, and even team training.

A good consultant will collaboratively work with you to develop your creative strategy. This becomes your blueprint, outlining how you plan to meet specific goals and can include building your brand identity, marketing and business growth.

A good creative strategy involves a mixture of strategic goals and innovative ‘unique to you’ creative ideas. Made up of four main parts; planning, developing, implementing, and measuring, it is designed to guide your business in making best-practice on-brand decisions and can help avoid costly ineffective executions in market.

At IC, we work closely with various peak bodies, independent market research firms and media buyers to help you plan, organise and make better evidence-based decisions for your business or organisation's future.


Market & SWOT analysis

Local and global market research, consumer insights & analytics

Independent ‘pitch’ processes & presentations

Product, business & services assessment

Strategic marketing & communications planning

Team building & coaching

"We're grateful to the IC team for their exceptional work. Their category-leading 'pitch' video ensured a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign that surpassed all goals! In expanding to Canberra, their research on localised pricing, targeted media, and innovative teaser tactics, set the stage for a successful launch. What truly set the Agency apart was a commitment to our community-driven ethos. They get it - and we've enjoyed a highly collaborative relationship."


– Mark Dance, Owner