Without a good media plan, even the most creative advertising campaigns can fail.


Media planning and buying are essential components of advertising strategy, involving the strategic selection and purchase of media space or time to effectively reach a target audience.

Media planning determines the most effective combination of media channels to achieve the marketing objectives of a campaign. It begins with understanding the target audience's demographics, behaviours, and preferences. We use various tools and research methods to analyse audience data and identify the most relevant platforms for reaching them. Factors such as reach, frequency, and cost efficiency are considered during the planning stage.

Once the media plan is finalised, media buying involves negotiating and purchasing advertising space or time on selected media channels. This can include traditional outlets like TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines, as well as digital platforms such as websites, social media, Google Ads and streaming services. Media buyers aim to secure the best possible rates and placements to maximize the campaign's effectiveness within the allocated budget.

Throughout the process, media planners and buyers work closely with clients, creative teams, and media vendors to ensure that advertising messages are delivered to the right audience, at the right time, and in the most cost-effective manner possible. They also monitor the performance of campaigns, making adjustments as needed to optimise results and achieve the desired outcomes.

"Who would you choose to create a breakthrough campaign for a challenging human-centred communications brief?
We recommend that you choose Inclusive Creatives. The team dedicates its agency's purpose and wide expertise to the inclusion cause and the greater good of our community. Collectively working to make inclusivity more mainstream.

Autism Tas is on a fast-tracked trajectory to develop our organisation's capabilities and capacity. With thanks to IC’s expert team and processes, we're forging ahead with powerful creative concepts brought to life with effective and engaging media channels.

The ‘Be Open to Autism’ campaign will help neurotypical people become more open to Autism and play their part in appreciating the advantages of diversity and the development of a more empowered inclusive community."

Autism Tasmania

– Donna Blanchard, CEO