Is getting an agency to produce the work worth it? 

Production services encompass the practical aspects of bringing creative ideas to life across various physical and digital mediums. These services involve turning concepts and designs into tangible products or digital assets that can be used for marketing, advertising, or other purposes. 

When the agency takes on the task of production management, we not only manage the overall creation of any printed, digital or manufactured items, but we take on all the background tasks that many are not confident in overseeing or simply don't even know need to be done. This can range from pre-press file preparation, proofing, creating mockups and storyboarding as well as scouting, casting, editing, meeting Australian standards and releasing files to stations for broadcast. It also includes coordinating logistics for events, managing other vendors and stakeholders and ensuring the smooth execution of all material. The IC team is also able to manage the production of assets that meet accessibility standards such as audio description and looping services, video captioning and, if needed, braille and tactile touchpoints. 

Having the IC team manage any production for you ensures the highest level of quality assurance. This involves conducting thorough checks and tests to ensure that all produced materials meet the required standards of quality, accuracy, and consistency, and in the long run will save you time, unnecessary stress and money.

Overall, production services play a crucial role in translating creative concepts into finished deliverables that effectively communicate messages, enhance brands, and engage audiences.


Print management (all mediums & materials)

Packaging & made objects

Video & photography production

Event production

Video captioning (closed or embedded)

Audio description & looping services

Braille & tactile touchpoints

Language translation & implementation

Assistive & adaptive technologies

Events & conference displays

Product & business advertising signage

Vehicle livery

"It was exciting to collaborate on such an innovative and creative production that was as spectacular as it was inclusive for our artists and the audience alike"

Special Olympics Australia National Games Opening Ceremony

– Kelly Drummond Cawthon, Creative Director Second Echo Ensemble