Why is a social media strategy so important? Why do I need an agency to help make content?

A social media strategy is a comprehensive plan outlining how a business can utilise different social media platforms to achieve their marketing and business objectives. It involves setting goals, identifying target audiences, selecting appropriate channels, creating engaging content, and measuring the effectiveness of that content.

A good social media strategy will increase brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and provide cost-effective and targeted advertising. You’ll also be able to gain incredibly specific insights and analytics, allowing you to understand your audience preferences, behaviours and demographics, which in turn gives you the ability to refine and optimise your marketing. 

Of course, a strategy is only half the puzzle, and it relies on good content creation and execution to deliver it to the right audiences. Our creative team brings experience and understanding of the different channels to help best deliver your strategy. 

Depending on your objectives across organic and paid social media, a good strategy and memorable on-brand content will build brand loyalty and advocacy. It is a powerful tool to drive traffic to websites and online shopfronts, and along with continued engagement with your audience, you create a community that feels valued and connected to your business or cause. 

From building, writing, designing and managing paid campaigns, to weekly organic posts, story and reel implementation and community management, the IC team can be as hands-on as you need us to be, or we can provide the training and templates for your team to be able to take the reigns with confidence and competence.


Social media strategy

Social media content creation

Content photography & videography

Paid campaign set-up, management & reporting

Organic calendar & community management

Social media content templates

Inclusive Creatives has been pivotal in realising our vision for Aquila. Their commitment to understanding our ethos enabled them to craft a marketing campaign that embodied our property's essence, values and experience.

Their marketing and social strategy showcased our accessible accommodation so it appealed to both inclusive and mainstream audiences, resulting in a substantial rise in bookings, helping us claim our place as a premium destination in the Tasmanian tourism scene.

Aquila Eco Retreat

– Alice Eddington, Co-Owner