The Hot Room

The Challenge

Yoga often appears to be reserved for the ‘beautiful people,’ flaunting their sleek, flexible bodies adorned in coordinated, fashionable outfits. Added to that the exposure and looming fear of being judged in front of mirrors (known as eisoptrophobia), only adds to the intimidation.

The Hot Room, Hobart’s newest studio, wanted customers to know they offered so much more than that. With a more authentic and inclusive practice, they wanted to appeal to a more diverse audience but didn’t know where to start.


Our Approach

Offering more than just a warm welcome, the holistic studio encourages acceptance and inclusivity, where there’s no pressure to conform and zero expectations.

The team worked closely with the client as we navigated the agency’s Master Plan process. Designed to uncover what is at the core of the business and what makes it unique, we quickly learned that The Hot Room was so much more than just fashionable exercises, but rather an invitation,for real people, to ‘Get Real’, with real yoga. 

We needed to remind people what yoga was really about, and encourage them to embrace it on their own terms, whatever they might be.


The Result

The invitation to ‘Get Real’ and the sentiment of ‘real yoga for real people’ resonated deeply with the studio and its audience. and so on a relatively small budget, we expanded the idea across a range of client-facing touchpoints.

The idea included the creation of a customised ‘Yoga Pose’ alphabet, showing a range of body shapes, sizes, ages, cultures and abilities, designed to represent our audience. The alphabet gave the work a unique look in a market filled with ‘same same’. It built customer ownership, (stories of which character was ‘them’ started flowing in), and brand recall, and reduced any alienation through unrelatable photography.

At every touchpoint of public engagement with the Real Yoga for Real People campaign, the strategy was to acknowledge that life isn’t a flawless existence but rather a journey of unfiltered and unrehearsed ‘real’ experiences. This effectively positioned the Hot Room offering with a distinct point of difference that our target audience could relate to.


Project Scope

  • Brand Identity expansion
  • Brand Video for web and digital platforms
  • Paid and Organic Social content
  • Google AdWords Campaign
  • Targeted Poster Series for Southern Tasmania
  • EDM and Newsletter template and writing.

“Working with Inclusive Creatives has been groundbreaking for the Hot Room. The ‘real yoga for real people’ concept brought our vision to life and the smart use of our budget with targeted media methods exceeded our expectations too.

The campaign has deeply resonated with our audience, attracting new clients and fostering a sense of belonging within our existing community. Thank you, IC team, for helping redefine yoga for all, and setting us up for long-term success!”
– Grace, Owner of The Hot Room.

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