Rosie Treasure Art

The Rosie Treasure Art Project was an opportunity made possible through funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which supports initiatives empowering individuals with disabilities to engage fully in mainstream society.

Hobart-based Rosie Treasure, a young artist with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), reached out to our team to help her build and grow her small business. Her goal was to be able to sell her paintings, which capture life on the family farm and tell the stories of the characters that call it home (lawn mower riding goat anyone?) as well as the ability to connect with her audience and the online community.


The Challenge

The team had to find a way to bring ‘brand’ Rosie to life, in a way that stayed true to her authentic style and the quirky characters found in her work We needed to empower Rosie to bring her artistic vision to life in a way that wasn’t overwhelming or difficult to keep updated with new work and content and gave her the independence and self-empowerment she rightly deserved.

The website, brand identity and social media campaign promoting her first solo exhibition had to feel like an extension of the artist whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of the commercial reality of generating sales and maintaining public interest.


Our Approach

Upon meeting Rosie and her mum Rachael, it was immediately clear that the farm and its animals were so much more than just ‘subject matter’ for Rosie to paint. They were an extension of her.   

It was impossible to not get wrapped up in the fun and adventure that every visit to the farm brought. You never knew what might be waiting to greet you on arrival, from freshly baked cookies, and a new litter of Kelpie puppies to Barbara Gordon, Rosie’s energetic goat, performing parkour on her hut. 

There was never a dull moment, and the infectious energy and never-ending storytelling quickly led the team to recognise the importance and unique opportunity of amplifying Rosie’s voice and talents. Working closely with NDIS, Rosie’s carers and the family, we set about bringing it all together.



In the end, the team was able to infuse her brand, website and social media channels with the best of Rosie, her work, all the unique characters and the farm. They became tools to talk to her audience, they gave Rosie a voice and allowed her to share her bold, colourful and eclectic world with everyone else. The tools and assets we created became a place where creativity and characters fused in the most authentic of ways, the epitome of everything Rosie stood for, the whimsical art of storytelling. 

To date, the project has been a heartwarming success. Through her paintings and online presence, Rosie has not only sold a number of her works but has gained the confidence and connection with others she craved, as well as a business platform that will serve her for many years to come.


“Rosie’s journey with her art has been transformative, thanks to the incredible support and creative expertise of Inclusive Creatives. The project has not only enabled Rosie to express herself but has also provided her with a platform to connect with others and share her passion for painting.”
– Rachel Treasure, Rosie’s Mother


Key Project Outputs
Brand Identity: Logo and identity showcasing Rosie’s artistic flair and personality.
Website Development: User-friendly, accessible and visually appealing website that crafts together Rosie’s story, showcases her paintings, and facilitates online sales.
Social Media Campaign: Implementation of a targeted social media strategy to promote Rosie’s business and exhibition, while building brand awareness, engagement and interaction with her audience.

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