Rocketeer Couriers

In our technologically driven world, we expect to get what we want when we want it. And we don’t want to feel like a number in the queue, we want to feel valued.
This is why Mark Dance launched Rocketeer Couriers – to provide a personal, cost-effective, express-delivery service to customers in Hobart. He wanted to provide work to the unemployed in the community and challenge the large-scale courier companies that left clients feeling like a ‘number’. Having provided successful services locally, it was now time to expand into the mainland market.

The Challenge

Mark initially approached Inclusive Creatives to create the pitch video and investor document to get crowdfunding underway through the Birchal Group. The video was a resounding success – in fact, Birchal now uses it as a case study for ‘how to create the perfect pitch’. Investors showed great confidence and the initial target of $150k was superseded in less than three days. By the end of the campaign, Rocketeer had managed to raise over $300,000 – more than double their original target. This success led to them inviting us to join them as their ongoing creative team and to help realise their dream of launching into the Canberra market.

Our Approach

Working with our research partners, Creak & Ford, we undertook a pricing analysis to understand how the business should approach pricing as it launched into the new market. A survey was conducted nationwide to understand consumers’ thinking around price value – a crucial marketing step when launching a price point in a foreign market. We needed our customers to trust they were getting value from a service – if the price is ‘too cheap’ it can create doubt about the quality, and if it’s ‘too expensive’ it prevents them from using the service regularly.

With the data there to back our approach, the creative team worked to create a suite of teaser ads for the front page of The Canberra Times leveraging common delivery app language. Each ad indicated that a new express courier service would arrive shortly – counting down the days until ‘the delivery’ reached its destination.

A Direct Mail strategy hit targeted PO Boxes, offering a discount for the first five deliveries, because historically Rocketeers had over 90% retention of first-time customers after 5 deliveries. Big bold posters appeared around the city. A 30-second TV commercial was created to introduce the Canberra audience to the brand, and a series of short tactical animations was leveraged across social media. With the striking pink and white branding, Rocketeer Couriers stood out from the crowd, becoming an instantly recognisable brand.


Inclusive Creatives is all about finding the humanness in a business. What we admire about Mark’s business idea is what it gives back to the community. A critical element to Rocketeer’s business success is the diverse community of drivers, and they cater to this, allowing them the flexibility to earn additional income as required.

Now with more than 250 investors, over 400 customers in Hobart alone, nearly 1000 drivers and an average delivery time, from pick up to drop off, of only 40 minutes, business is booming for Rocketeer Couriers. We are excited to see the success in Canberra before they expand the business to other regional areas.


“We’re grateful to the IC team for their exceptional work. Their  ‘pitch’ video ensured a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign that surpassed all goals! In expanding to Canberra, their research on localised pricing and media, along with anticipation building tactics set the stage for a successful launch. What truly set the Agency apart was a commitment to our community-driven ethos. They get it – and we’ve enjoyed a highly collaborative relationship.”

– Mark Dance, Owner

Project Scope

  • Market Research
  • Campaign and Media Strategy
  • TVC and digital screen content
  • Website redesign and campaign landing page
  • Driver recruitment campaign
  • Canberra Launch campaign platform
  • Social media content
  • Press, Poster and Digital marketing collateral
  • Printing
  • Media Buying


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