We share SUSTOMi’s dream of a healthy planet with healthy people. Their mission is to reduce waste and toxins in our daily lives to help nurture the future we all desire.

Their sustainable, eco-friendly products range from beeswax wraps to innovative food storage solutions, and natural products for you and your home. All highly effective alternatives to single-use plastics and harmful chemicals.

Inclusive Creatives were commissioned to audit and improve the website’s UX, product display and purchasing experience. Enter IC’s Technical Director and all-round digital deliverer, Tristan ‘The Wizard’ King.

Tristan led the team, applying contemporary e-retail design thinking informed from years of experience delivering cutting-edge gig economy, .com and entrepreneurial digital.

Being inclusive starts with looking at the world as a whole, and Sustomi is the epitome of a holistic approach to looking after our planet. Together we plan on making the world a better place – one conscious purchase at a time.

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