Blind Sports Australia

Blind Sports Australia represents a diverse group of sports, clubs and athletes – with an even wider range of abilities. From grassroots organisations all the way through to the elite levels of the global sporting community, BSA is a truly unique inclusion-focused peak body.

Our Challenge
Inclusive Creatives were asked to create a brand identity and engagement tools that were accessible, yet sophisticated. And a strategic approach that reflected the inclusive and aspirational nature of BSA and the audience it represents.

For too long the blind and visually impaired had suffered from a lack of genuine inclusion. Ironically, BSA has also suffered from being invisible in the sporting landscape with its identity lacking the emotional, rational and aesthetic values to capture hearts and minds within the community it served.

Logos are either a formality of business with very little bearing on strategic planning or public communications, or the lynchpin holding the brand together; our opportunity with Blind Sports Australia was to become the latter. Because with the re-development of an emotional and effective brand, comes the opportunity to redefine who you are and what it is you stand for.

Our Approach

So what does a logo that is more than its design elements metaphorically look like? How do we get visually impaired people to have the same experience of the brand as people with full vision do? Well, we create a logo that can be experienced on an equal playing field.

Sport is about movement. Our solution was to use the braille system as both a language and iconography, creating a dynamic logo representing the energy and interaction of playing sport, across all its diverse game styles and competition types.

Using the green, gold and blue often used in our national brand identity, we built a fluid identity that could flex its chromatic range and application, creating a bold and visible brand mark.

Our creative strategy was to present all communications tools with the added accessibility of QR codes and embossing the BSA braille lettering where possible. We even used braille letters embedded into sighted text to encourage a ‘reverse inclusion’ cognitive realisation for those without vision impairment. This ensured all interactions with BSA offered everyone a better understanding, as much as an educational experience.


“BSA required a rebrand, and we found the IC offer to be a perfect match for us in the agency landscape, given our strategic needs and the profile of our audience.

Their ground-breaking branding concept literally brought the logo solution to life, adding a deeper level of engagement through their inclusive design approach, and has resulted in an identity that reinforces BSA as the leading peak representative body in the blind and low-vision sports space.”

– Matt Clayton, BSA CEO

The Result
Together, BSA and Inclusive Creatives have thrown down the gauntlet to all brands; that it’s no longer good enough to pay lip service to inclusive accessibility – if you’re going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk!


Gold Creativity for Inclusion – Diemen Awards

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