Tours Around Tasmania

Following the initial COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020 resulting in 90% of revenue being eliminated due to the sinking cruise ship industry, Tours around Tasmania were in desperate need of a new look and direction. However, a shrinking market came with an ever-shrinking budget and a small window of opportunity to make the necessary changes.

Our challenge was to re-design the existing branding, website and collateral as cost-effectively and unapologetically as possible. We needed to disrupt an already established tour-operator market, as well as challenge the notion that a bus tour was an ‘uncool’ way of exploring Tasmania.

“When George approached us, we saw an opportunity to walk side by side with him and his team,” said Creative Director, Sam Dobie. “He was facing so many hurdles, from learning about this new business he had bought into, understanding the Tasmanian market, developing new products and the unprecedented challenge that COVID was presenting… we knew that we could bear some of that load.”

The first step was to build a brand that reflected the unique Tasmanian landscape. We needed a colour palette that emulated the locations while at the same time complemented, rather than competed, with bold photography. Everything we developed had the ‘unexpected’ at heart. We wanted to create a brand that embodied Tours around Tasmania’s mission to immerse visitors in unordinary and unique adventures – to showcase the beautiful environment, intriguing history and immense diversity of not only Tasmania but the tours on offer.

Ultimately our goal was to get visitors and locals alike to stop, notice the brand, pique their curiosity and create excitement about what a tour around Tasmania could uncover.

“Our tours are anything but ordinary. They take visitors on a journey into the heart of Tasmania,” said George van Deventer, Director of Tours around Tasmania. “The new branding and online presence exceeded our expectations. The distinctive design gave our look an edge that I haven’t seen in other touring brands. It feels Tasmanian.”

With the opportunity to completely redesign the brand identity as well as the website, we had the opportunity to implement a more accessible, with inclusive design at the heart of all of TAT’s creative comms and assets. From distinctively thick business cards and QR codes to help people who are visually impaired find and access information, to accessibility widgets, clear navigation language and alt text throughout the website, and even more planned for the very near future, we’ve helped create a more accessible and inclusive tourism business for all customers.

“For us, it’s about the journey. We started with the brand’s identity and website re-design, making sure to get that right, and over time the plan is to apply the same ethos and careful attention to detail and accessibility to all of Tours around Tasmania’s assets.” said Sam Dobie.

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