Tours Around Tasmania

Following the initial COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020 resulting in 90% of revenue being eliminated due to the sinking cruise ship industry, Tours around Tasmania were in desperate need of a new look and direction. However, a shrinking market came with an ever-shrinking budget and a small window of opportunity to make the necessary changes.

The Challenge
We were asked to re-design the existing branding, website and collateral as cost-effectively and unapologetically as possible. We needed to disrupt an already established tour operator market, as well as challenge the notion that a bus tour was an ‘uncool’ way of exploring Tasmania.

Our Approach
The team saw an opportunity to walk side by side with George and his team. They were already facing so many hurdles, having just bought the business, along with the unprecedented challenge that COVID was presenting, we knew that we could bear some of that load.

Ultimately our goal was to get visitors and locals alike to stop, notice the brand, pique their curiosity and create excitement about what a tour around Tasmania could uncover.

The Result
Everything we developed had the ‘unexpected’ at heart. We created a brand that embodied Tours around Tasmania’s mission to immerse visitors in unordinary and unique adventures, showcasing the environment, intriguing history and immense diversity of Tasmania and the tours.

Using the graphic logo font, we created a suite of elements that we could use to build different tour environments. From the sweeping rivers and mountains in the west to the soaring cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, and unmistakable beaches of the east, we built a visual world that was unmistakably Tours Around Tasmania. 

The team built a more robust website with accessiblity widgets, clear navigation language, high contrast and alt text throughout. The printed work was approached in the same way, creating unusually thick business cards with QR codes to help visually impaired people find and access information. We also developed a social media strategy and template style that gave George and his team full control and a way to weave the retail element of his business in with the grassroots stories of the guides, the places and guest reviews.


“Working with Inclusive Creatives was harmonious. Facing COVID-19’s challenges and a shrinking budget, they embraced our adversities, reimagining our branding, website and a a distinctive campaign, capturing Tasmania’s essence while disrupting bus tour perceptions. Our tours are anything but ordinary, so we loved the creative approach, it’s effective and very contemporary! Their commitment to accessibility also ensured a broad customer audience.”

– George van Deventer, Owner


Project Scope

  • Accessible Brand Identity,
  • Design, write and build an accessible website,
  • social media strategy and asset development,
  • assorted promotional print collateral,
  • tour bus livery,
  • blog writing 
  • real-world expansion strategy for travel agents, tour promoters and the tourism industry across the country.


Finalist Brand Identity – Diemen Awards

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